Greetings from RichZVIP !

by Teddy P I N K RichZVIP


A big warm hello to all my fellow Yovillians  waves

Just about each morning, you can find me at my desk sipping my favorite blend of hazelnut coffee.  By my side is my loyal,, overly stuffed silver tabby cat affectionately named Sammah. I named him after my bestie I met in Yoville…. imagine that huh?  I have two more named Chickee and Twilight Renee and yes, you guessed it, named after three very close friends that I have grown to love in Yo..

Since I love to write, this day is very special to me because I have been given quite a treat. First, I’d like to send a shout out to two awesome people ~ “Tiger RichZVIP and Ni RichZVIP”!

Hey there beautiful people and thank you for the most awesome position I could possibly ask for!

Tiger and NI have given me this platform to inform you that we, here at RichZVIP are committed to bring you the most updated information to our fellow Yovillians albeit new releases, fashion, hot items and  ahem …”gossip”  Yes, I did use the G word!

RichZVIP, ISI, and P I N K have come together as a team, to provide you with over thirty years of combined gaming experience!  We welcome you to explore our new home!  Here, you can find an updated price guide, tutorials in graphic art, stunning new room creations, interviews of the most interesting Yovillians and more! If you’d like to know more about the founders and admins, there’s a video located on the site so you can see who’s who.  Please leave a post telling us what you think!  Sammah and I will be thrilled to hear from you.  ❤

Teddy P I N K RichZVIP