What’s with the re-releases ?

by Teddy P I N K RichZVIP


One morning, Sammah and I were breathing life into my computer and getting ready to see what lies in the day ahead when BAM!!  Right before my eyes on my Face Book feed I read “Groovy and Spellbound” is back in stores!  I didn’t scream, but I know a very loud “Wow!’ escaped out of my mouth which sent Sammah flying off the top of my desk, which managed to catch his foot into my headphone cord which wrapped around my coffee mug spilling my scrumptious drink all over.  If I were Judith Worst, I would have to say that it was the perfect scenario of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.   While cleaning that mess up, I noticed my good friends, Ni of RichZVIP and Raja ISI had messaged me with their laid out plan of attack on the stores…If anyone has a black belt in shopping, it’s those two!

It was “game on” and like most of you, I did just that, but only after I rushed to the forums along with the hundreds of others that had to voice their delight, extreme dismay or total frustrations with ZYNGA.  Let’s just say the forum was not only buzzing, but if I put my speakers on it would probably sound like a swarm of angry African Deadly Bees migrating across the Atlantic to ZYNGA Headquarters.    The ninja’s were quite busy settling verbal disputes, deleting tons of double threads, and bringing everyone up to speed as to the information provided to them from the almighty devs.  I must say they all handled it quite well considering all the mixed emotions.

Not too long after that, we were surprised yet again with another release. This time more welcomed to me than the other due to the fact that I missed Burlesque and  I was under hard times when Elite came out, so my fantasy of owning hundreds  (of course I’m exaggerating), Elite windows was a dream come true, not to mention those Burlesque backdrops were to die for!  I know, it’s just pixels, but let’s face it, who doesn’t love the endless decorating possibilities with these beautiful items? `

Each day we found ourselves either in game or on our favorite Face Book pages with the same question, ”What theme is next?”  We waited with anticipation.  Some tried to sell off items in game with not much success.  No one’s going to buy high only to see that item appear back in the stores…well, not unless you were a glutton for punishment.

One can only speculate as to why ZYNGA had to re-release these themes, not only the furniture and fashion, but hair as well…Nothing was sacred except for collectibles.  Remember, it’s against ZYNGA’s TOS to release those into game again, but they can release anything else that they wish. We agreed to that when we began this game.  So, if you were saving your items for future profit, your dreams of that were extinguished.

If all this wasn’t shocking enough, the ninjas sent out a survey to get our input on what themes we would like to see released again if any.  Now, do you really think they care to find out what we think or was this more of an effort to find out how many players they would lose (YoCash buyers aka their bread and butter) if in fact they did release ALL of the themes?   If I told you what I voted for, you may want to hunt me down and choke me, but I’ll take that chance.  I do want to see all of the themes including 08’s released again.  There’s a special reason as to why, however; I won’t divulge that at this time.

Recently, an article appeared in the AP that ZYNGA had cut over 250 jobs.   ZYNGA needs cash, and it does appear grim at best for them.  Many of us knew that these releases were all about money. They sure didn’t release them because it may possibly relinquish the insanity of the yo-economy; much like the re-release of the eight 08 costumes back in 2009.  It was a different game back then and the re-release did bring down coin prices, but Yocash rates stayed the same.  Things began to level off and if not for the coin glitch, I could foresee some smooth sailing, but once again, the scammers figured a way to cheat the game and we all paid dearly for it, but I digress.

As I was just about to publish this article, we had another overwhelming surprise when Animal Reserve hit the store a few days ago. The infamous yellow knobkerrie Is back in the fashion store. What once was one of the most high ticket coveted items in the game is now just about as common as a Barrel Costume.  Everywhere I jumped to that day I saw everyone sporting one.

I, like many of you may’ve asked yourself these questions:

  • What turn is the game going to take now?
  • How many themes are they planning to release?
  •  Are we to hoard our items for a limited time for fear that re-release is possible once again?
  • Has ZYNGA exhausted all their funds to pay their devs to create new interesting themes?
  • What lies ahead for Yoville? Will our game exist for another year… two years?

Nothing is definite and I surely cannot answer these questions, but I can ask you to comment your thoughts… Sammah and I wait to hear from you.   ❤

Teddy P I N K RichZVIP