MySpace, the story behind the scene



This week MySpace was relaunched and as a result the gaming platform was deleted. Cerulean Ninja claims that Zynga hasn’t been informed and that MySpace didn’t even leave a notice. Zynga is now developing the case and is searching for solutions, but what is it that made YoVille ‘poof’.

All over the forums players now claim that it is Justin Timberlakes fault as he is the one who started planing the ‘new’ Myspace. Specific Media, the online advertising company in which Mr Timberlake has a stake, bought MySpace for $35m and rebuilt the online portal. The changes, a redesign, were anounced in September 2012. Since May 2013 users were able to enter the new and the old platform but now every user has to use the new platform. The Changes were ment to make MySpace more visual and apparently optimized for tablets.