SGN buys Mob Science, MySpace and Zynga back together?



Chris DeWolfe, co-founder of MySpace and founder of the Gaming Platform SGN ( Social Gaming Network), has now purchased Mob Science. Is that going to get MySpace and Zynga back together? And what is the conection between all four of them?

Not to long ago Mob Science recieved a 1m seed fund from many other game developers incuding Zynga. Since then Mob Science used the money in developing games and is now well known for many RPG themed games. Now, that SGN owns Mob Science is there any hope for us that Zynga and YoVille are moving to SGN, a platform for Social Network Games. Speculations are going on now that Zynga might get back to MySpace or might as well just move YoVille to Zyngas website where they wouldnt be dependent of Social Networking Platforms.