Occupy Yoville

By Teddy P I N K RichZVIP

Occupy Yoville

I happened to be in Yoville last night about 11:00 pm EST when I took a peek at the Auction House.  I saw about forty pairs of limes for unheard prices, not to mention\ menorahs were listed for 17M, which, I might add  is half the price on price guides.  I squinted my eyes and shook my head to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, but unfortunately, I not only saw those limes, but more shocking was the WhiteGold Ninja (WGN) hair for as low as 30M!  There were only three WGN hairs in the game and one of them was owned by a very renowned player who has unfortunately banned for unknown reasons.   Six WGN hairs were staring at all of us in the auction house, one of which was purchased by someone dear to me for 30M; however, that hair has vanished out of his inventory…imagine that.  I will update you as to what happened to that hair, but I digress. 

As I looked further, white jeans and menorahs were listed as if they just came off the assembly line  for easy purchase albeit coin or Yocash.  Yes, now even those that just started the game can own limes, whites, menorahs, and duty belts for Yocash.

I was not only shocked, but disgusted. I don’t think it’s a big secret that there has been one individual that is adding items, but now, there’s another.  This person of interest is on the kid’s server.   How do I know this you might ask?   Good question, but really, does it matter? Probably not, because ZYNGA has been informed about these players and they do absolutely zero about it.  What does matter is that both people have put a virtual whooping on this game.  They don’t act alone as they have numerous players in the game selling these items and or putting them in auction house for Yocash or coins to be sold…They’re entrusted members within their circle and get a cut no doubt, but they’re no better than the people adding the items.  Now, these items are worthless.   The most coveted items in Yoville have become just as easy to obtain as the gold knobkerrie.

I was told by one of the individuals that by adding items into game, he was doing a “service” to Yovillains because they can buy the items cheaper.  Reeeeeeeally now? How can that possibly be a service to those of us players that have stored our items for future profits?  I kinda chuckled when he said it because I guess he felt he was Robin Hood of Yoville. >.<  But wait a minute, Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, he just steals from the rich and gives to himself.  He didn’t give anything to anyone, just charge a lower price.  No Robin Hood there…JS    In the long run, the game is saturated with items.   Since when was Yoville a socialist game?    Nothing is sacred and that’s probably why we’ve seen a mass exodus of players to either IMVU or other games on the net that were more appealing due to the unacceptable behavior of ZYNGA and these rouge players.  Only the die-hards or those of us with a curious streak are sticking it out to see if this game can be salvaged.

I understand that ZYNGA has re-released items, but they haven’t re-released collectibles nor 2008 furniture or costumes.  Both of these individuals bring in collectibles, 08’s, some 09 V-day as well as unreleased items.   Let’s face it, the reason they do it is because they’re making money. They’re making cash off of these items and the items you’ve bought for cash or coins on this game have plummeted to an all time low.

I don’t condemn those that want to make money.  I’m not a Yoville informant or police department, but it’s just not an even playing ground and here are some reasons why:

  1.  It costs nothing to them, not even much time to make it
  2. Those that do work by buying and selling, work hard.  It could take quite a bit of time to find items for the right prices to sell at a profit
  3. They’re making it harder for other players to sell their items for a marginable profit above what they bought it for
  4. Most of these players that work for these items and coins are re-investing in the game and not “adding” items that will otherwise saturate the market

So where does this leave us now?  With the freezers, hackers overrunning Yoville, how do we take our game back?    I don’t have the answers; I’m just putting this out there for discussion.

By all means, reply with your thoughts as once again, me and Sammah =^..^= anxiously await them.

Teddy P I N K RichZVIP ❤