Steps of How to Contact Zynga Support

By Ni RichZVIP

We will guide you of how to contact Zynga support when you need help or questions. ❤


1. Go to the support url

Then you would see the “Facebook Connect”.  If you don’t have the account with Zynga yet, it will popup the screen to fill your name information and email that you want to them to contact back which is not need to be the same email as your facebook account.


2. After you successfully login, at the upper right corner of screen, select the game that you want to contact.


3. If you want to just ask general question or review questions posted by other players as, can see in the left section. But in case if you want special support to your account then select “Get Help” at the bottom right of the screen.


4. After select “Get Help”, it will bring you the screen below. It will let you continue with 2 options. Email and Chat Live support. These support are premium service that is available to players who qualify.


5. If you select the Email Us option, it will let you fill more information about detail of your problem


6. If you select Chat Live option, it will bring you to further screen of Live Support


Not forget to provide as much as possible of the detail problem when you contact them. The more information  you provide, the faster they can investigate and solve the problem.
Have a  nice Yo-Day 😀