The Ban Hammer

By Teddy P I N K RichZVIP


Hello all my fellow Yovillians ❤

It is a gorgeous morning here in sunny, south Florida, it is paradise!    I’m sitting out on my veranda overlooking the beautiful Indian River Waterway sipping a cup of freshly brewed mocha coffee and alongside me is none other than my loyal kitty Sammah.

While taking in deep breath of the last traces of night jasmine, I stroke Sammah’s silky, silver,spotted coat.  He’s as shiny as a new penny and looks up at me as if to say…..”it is time”…So, today is the day I chose to tell you my thoughts regarding the events that took place a little over three weeks ago regarding the hacked items,  the bans and  the innocent that were punished needlessly…

I was with my boyfriend when a host of  players came to us selling jeans for a very low price…so low that it was silly not to buy if you had the coins.  Limes, whites, duty belts and menorahs, were dropping like mad!   He told me he knew of one kid that ripped off another and made off in his heist with over one billion coins in items!     The greedy little thief put them on the market for a very cheap price so he could sell them immediately, which started a yo-wildfire!  That is when the prices crashed like never before.

As I told you in my last article, these were kids and I did not reveal the names, as I will not now.  I do not write fairly tales, so you can take my word for what I know to be as forthcoming as I can be. I also told you previously that I had wished that 08’s would be re-released aaaand I told you that I did not want to reveal as to “why”… Well, without further adieu, I shall tell you now.

I watched and saw thousands of 08’s being added to the game by one player and he was making a lot of coins or YoCash selling them and in turn, sold his coins and YoCash for USD.  Along with 08’s he added hard to find items, as well as unreleased to the game, which made collectors very angry and rightfully so.  Their items that they paid dearly for were plummeting faster than a kiss.     There were a few people that had written to ZYNGA about his antics.  They told them what he was doing and how much the game was suffering because of It and this is why I think ZYNGA started re-releasing items.  You can easily say it was because they wanted to make money, but let’s delve into this further. Perhaps it was the only way to gain back control, but why not just ban him?  The answer to that question is about as elusive as a handful of magic dust.  Could it be that he had many friends that were also storing items and wanted to put the ban hammer down on of them all at once?    I think they also waited until they found most of his accounts. I can recall that he told me that he had over 1000!  I have no doubt because he would need about that many and more in order to utilize the hack to its fullest extent..  Maybe they wanted to watch him to catch a glimpse as to how these items were made.  I can tell you, when I found out, it just amazed me how easy it was!

I wanted to see ZYNGA re-release the 08’s because if they did, this person would  have the fear of ZYNGA put in him as if to say, “I’m watching YOU”…  I was hoping that he’d be so discouraged that he would stop adding items into the game.   If ZYNGA re-released them, the costumes would basically be worthless, so why bother, right?   Remember now, he did make more than 08 costumes..  He made collectibles, hard to find items, and high ticket items, there was quite an assortment to choose from..  That is why I truly thought that ZYNGA re-released so many different themes.  I don’t think they even knew how or where to begin in order to deflect this guy, but the path they took, unfortunately seemed to be the most destructive.  They were the true bull in the china shop.  The surgeon that used a chainsaw to cut off the infected areas ~ which, by far proved to be  disastrous.   Why not go about it meticulously cutting off the gangrene and proceed with care, but look at what happened following their procedure….a bigger mess~  We can no longer use the Auction House to sell items for YoCash which, for me and many others was a great option.  How long has it been since we have had events up?  There is not one word from the ninja’s on the forums giving us an update either. Last I checked, Cerulean Ninja said she wasn’t being updated. That in itself speaks volumes when you choose not to update probably the most important staff members on your team closest to your bread and butter.

ZYNGA also banned innocent players, disabled some accounts to where they’re not able to chat, jump or trade.   I have one close friend that got her account banned just because she went to the forums to complain that innocent players were being banned for buying on the auction house.  Now granted, she did say that ZYNGA was the worst in customer service in the free markets and made some other sarcastic remarks, but since when has Yoville sported totalitarianism to the point of banning someone that spoke their mind?

Did the ninja’s really think that was a bannable offense?  In my four years as a player, I have witnessed hackers get away with more!    My friend wrote to them, apologizing for her actions, and they replied to her apologizing for her inconvenience and gave her account back.  However, when she did get it returned, nothing was on it. That’s right, you read that correctly, ZERO, not even starter clothes.    My interpretation?   ZYNGA wanted a synchophantic apology so they would intentionally return her account empty.  After her initial shock, she’d announce to all her friends her ordeal and word would spread faster than dinner at Vinny’s ~ “Don’t think about speaking to ZYNGA in anything less that a kiss up tone or ELSE!   Fill in ”else” with whatever would be your worst Yo nightmare.      At the guidance of  Connie (Chief Executive Relations Team) she took to Twitter and each day, for the past two weeks she hast tweeted ZYNGA Support  requesting help. ~ Guess what?  No reply!! Imagine that?!  Yours truly is getting dizzy trying to understand ZYNGA logic.  >.< 

She and many others told them that they wanted to email them regarding these hackers long ago.  They knew their names, had their FB as well as Yoville profiles, but ZYNGA, in all its glory, does not give that ability to email or chat them if you are not VIP.     That is one of many of ZYNGA’s poor decisions and this should be revisited by their team..  Had they had that option available to everyone, there’s no telling how this much sooner all this could have all been circumvented.  If only they listened to us. Sadly, our voices have fallen on deaf ears.

Hundreds of accounts were banned and we know some were banned without good cause, how sad because many of these players were YoCash buyers that innocently bought for a “good deal”    ~ . Now there is a rumor of accounts that have 1000’s of items stored on them just waiting for the right time to come back and flood the markets yet again.   If that is so, then so be it.  There is only so much this person behind this screen can take.

What would have been ideal would have been if the person who initially found this hack, could have just played the game without having been so greedy.  Now, he is banned and he took down a lot of other players with him.  One of which, I know will be sorely missed by many.  We all play a little differently.  Some of us are collectors, some of us are strictly costume fashionistas, some play to have auctions, maxing parties, beauty pageants, debates, decorating and the list can go on and on!  We play together, we treasure old Yo-traditions and we welcome new ideas, but most of all, we find common ground in friendships and being a good neighbor to one another.  The relationships we make here are very powerful!  I do not say that with tongue in cheek.  I have even flown to different states to meet some wonderful friends and these people are the first I seek whenever I need advice, to share a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on.   That being said, the hacker that started this mess for the almighty dollar, well, his riches will disappear quickly, whereas ours will remain for of a lifetime of great memories and for that I am grateful.

Now that I have bent your ear for far too long, let me throw out a a few questions to you!

  1.  What if this game never returns events to us, would you continue to play?
  2. What if the auction house never returns to adding YoCash as an incentive to sell, would      that be a positive or negative to you?
  3.  If ZYNGA does nothing to patch WPE, as this is the program that allows players      to        freeze our CTC’s our events and even our personal rooms. Would you still play?

I  hope that you answer some of these questions or share your thoughts. I always love to hear from you and believe it or not, Sammah does as well =^. .^=