Nothing Left Sacred

By Teddy P I N K RichZVIP


I awoke about 4:15 am today and when I switched on my light Sammah lifted one eye, mumbled something which sounded like a four letter word in catonese.  I reached down and gave him a kiss on his furry melon and took to the computer only to find that  09 Mafia and 2010 Valentines’ Day had been re-released.   The day prior, I had taken to and noticed that the interrogation table and the electric chair were sitting in the right hand corner as if to say, “BUY ME BUY ME!”   So, I decided to contact ZYNGA via chat to ask them if they have reconsidered re-releasing the collectibles.  Earlier in the month, I had read the TOS and I could not find where it stated that ZYNGA would not re-release any collectible, but they had the right to release what they wished, whenever they wished.

I finally opened chat with the Agent known as Red L with ZYNGA and getting information out of  him was not only difficult, because he did not want to disclose it, but also because it was extremely obvious that Red L had no concept of what I was talking about. I felt like I was in the three stooges playing “Who’s on first.”    My head was spinning by the time I closed out chat, but I was no more informed than what I was when I started.  Unfortunately, It was no surprise to me when I saw that the collectibles were released ~ none whatsoever.

Anyone else notice that the ZYNGA forum is not open? That would be kind of normal IF they were backing up the board, but normally that’s not done until the wee hours of the morning……….So, what it that they’re doing today at 2:35 pm EST ?   I did not check it earlier, but my gut instinct tells me that it’s been down all day.  Whatcha think?  Do you think it’s because of the collectible re-release? Ok, everyone reading this article raise your hands so I can count em…..1, 2, 3,4……………………..75….ok so I got about 150 out of 200 people left playing this game think I am right. Can you imagine how many people were flying to the forum to b$#%h out the ninjas regarding release of the collectibles!?  I remember when ZYNGA re-released Spellbound and Animal Reserve… I ran to the forums to find out what they hay was going on!   I sat back with my popcorn watching the mudslinging!  Emotions were flying and those ninjas were earning more than a lion’s share calming the waters.

Obviously the memory of that fateful first re-release was so unforgettable that ZYNGA surely didn’t want a repeat performance of that fiasco. Hence, they shut down lines of communicato between us and them.   Surely they do NOT want to hear that they finally have crossed the red line.  They knocked the stick off our shoulders and have dared us to defy them.

So, you think it’s all about money? I hear a lot of people say that and for the most part, they’re right.  ZYNGA does need our money badly, but more importantly; they need control of this game.   For the last five years hackers have eaten into ZYNGA’s profits like a termite in a saw mill.   At times even long time players have found ways to scam ZYNGA out of money.   Yoville has been nothing short of a gold mine and sadly ZYNGA is so blind they lost out on striking it rich because they have taken their eyes off the ball.  If they paid attention, none of this could have possibly have happened.  ZYNGA has lost the battle miserably.   Between the coin glitches, the credit card scams, players undercutting ZYNGA’s lowest price by 40% and selling to others thru their own auction house is enough to see a significant drain on the company.  I must admit that I have extended kudos to some of these players for their criminal creativity, as I cannot condemn anyone for taking a piece of the pie from this game.     What we see is justification for committing a crime. After all, what has ZYNGA done for us by way of customer satisfaction?  Look at the amount of people you know that were hacked and the never returned their items.  What about those people that do not have VIP and they get tossed to the side and treated as if they were a lowly surf.    We know that two wrongs do not make a right ~ there is  no excuse for stealing. However, all the elements from justification to affording these people the opportunity for the perfect heist are there each and every day and ZYNGA allows it believe it or not.    It also does not take a math major to figure that in one year one can make off with a pretty heavy purse containing more than 100,000.00 a year.  Now, if one person can do that, just figure how many people you may know or have heard of selling coins, YoCash or items by PayPal.  If we can speculate for a moment that there are at least fifty people in this game doing any or all the aforementioned activities, I assure you that in one year, over $1,000.000.00 collectively will be pocketed by individuals and NOT ZYNGA.  ZYNGA  must now invest in preventative medicine which should have been done in 2008.   Ideally, if ZYNGA had been more open to hiring professional hackers, the game could have been saved long ago.  All holes would be patched prior to new or pending invasions.

I think ZYNGA finally has a handle on the seriousness of this problem. Especially after looking into the damage left after the last hacking fiasco.   They have taken control back of the game.  We have not seen events for over two months now, YoCash sales have been removed from the Auction House and even silver mystery chests which afford players coins have not been restored.

From what I have heard through the magic herb vine is that the new CEO has re-written the rules of Yoville. He is the new guy in town that is calling all the shots.  I do not know if he was the terribly skilled surgeon I had mentioned in my last article,  but I have to respect that he is “trying” to get the game back into the hands of the company where it belongs.   He is their last bastion of hope and to be quite honest, if they do not get this under control, I do think that Yoville will be history after Christmas.

All this aside and now that the collectibles have made their way back into the store, I am wondering how this game is now to be played and what are ZYNGA’s plans as far as getting customer participation. It will be very interesting to see their new plan, but like everything else I have witnessed in the past from ZYNGA it will be ZYNGA first, customer service last and that is a no win situation.

Now that I have stocked up on all the mafia and police windows; gorged my account with mafia pillars and gold bars, I am in mafia heaven, but that only leads me to think a few things:

  1. Where is this game heading?
  2. What’s going to happen with buying and selling of items now that nothing is left sacred?
  3. How can we gauge the yoeconmy if we can expect collectibles to be re-released?
  4. Finally, what about events?   Will we ever get them back and if not, will our only purchases or sales be thru the auction house, Face Book pages and in game auctions?

For me, if not for P I N K, RichZVIP and ISI, things would be rather boring on Yoville!  So, what are your thoughts on the state of the game?  By all means, comment below and as always, and I will read them to Sammah with a big cheesy smile since I love hearing from you!  No comment will go without a reply ❤