Sunsets and New Sunrises

By Teddy P I N K RichZVIP


Sunsets to New Sunrises

After five years of a very long roller coaster ride, ZYNGA has declared Sunset on Yoville.
The application peaked in 2009 at nearly 19.9 million MAU, but has been on a fairly steady decline ever since. 

This news was dropped like a wrecking ball on the community, no differently when  re-releases were thrown back into the stores or when ZYNGA rewrote its TOS stating that they would not  re-release collectibles to a jaw draw dropping antithesis of their original plan.

In a highly emotional state, Yovillains were staggered, but it didn’t take long to organize a powerful arsenal to fight the giant.   In a very short time period, one Yovilian named Jack YOC had contacted Greg Thomson of BIG VIKING GAMES to inform him of the dire situation the community was in.  Jack obviously got his attention and Greg was kind to get back with him to let him know that they were interested in speaking with ZYNGA.

Since then, the out pour of support to BVG has been non-stop. Their Face Book page has soared from 1000 likes to over 12,000 in just five days.  Email’s to ZYNGA, personal videos, a multitude of Face Book pages have been created; as well as a plethora of petitions and outcries to new stations have been part of this enormous fiery movement to save the game.

Bliss1 created a video “Yoville’s Closure” ~ so emotional that many of us cried with her as her pain was deeply moving.   Christine Petrie co-owner of Premier Innovative Creations constructed a very powerful video, “Battle to Save Yoville”  The slides are fantastic designs, stunning special effects and more.  If you haven’t seen JW Moore’s vid on Yoville’s Closure, do check it out.  Greg Thomson gave a shout out to all of us for the awe-inspiring support and mentioned Bliss1 as well as Christine by name for their heartwarming efforts; as they didn’t go unnoticed for their amazing work.   This is definitely not what I’m familiar with in a gaming company, but I can get used to it real fast.

Greg mentioned on his website that every employee of Big Viking Games has a sweet “create passionate fans” face tattoo..  Kiddingly, he said, “Okay, that’s a lie, but that’s our mantra and something we take seriously.”  ****Shout Out to Greg**** I think you’ve found some very passionate fans in Yoville!  I know two players, have even taken the name Yoville and changed it to YoVikingville while other players have added BVG to their name badges.

Many of us had never heard of Big Viking Games until now, but as the old saying goes, better late than never.    There will be a lot to get to know about Big Viking Games, but here’s a little sample of what I did find out with just minor investigation.

Big Viking Games is one of the top contenders in gaming. This Canadian company has received accolades as top Canadian employer; which I concluded to means a few things:

  1. The company is growing
  2. They’re creating jobs
  3. They’ve sought out brilliant people to work for them
  4. Their success is due to their endless perseverance to supply the cutting edge of technology to their audience of gamers

After a little research of Big Viking Games, it’s apparent that they’re using HTML5 for their games. Technology is moving on and HTML5 is the wave of the future and that means flash will be lost in the shadows as more and more devices will not support it, particularly iOS devices.

So what’s that mean for Yoville?   Yoville is a flash game, everyone knows that and Big Viking Games has the essential brainiac team that will decide whether they’ll re-write the code or keep it as flash, but either way, we will retain our items and our homes only “IF” ZYNGA sells not only the code, but the database. The database is where all our items are stored and all will be transferred to Big Viking Games upon the sale.  On the other hand, if this is not sold, be prepared to be maxed, do your coin runs and be on work at time in order to build up your savings.  As I type this, I’m knocking on wood, crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that the database will be part of the package.

In Yoville’s recent history, we’ve had our share of malicious attacks in the game from hackers on ZYNGA’s website, our own personal accounts, and attacks on Face Book. We’ve also been under attack by freezers using mods to abuse players for whatever reasons they choose.   For the average player, that behavior is not acceptable and shouldn’t have to be. These issues will be addressed and for the first time in a very long time the only people that will have control of the game would be the owners.  Hopefully that will be Big Viking Games.   The environment that befell ZYNGA for hackers to run rampant with no ramifications was a huge part of the community’s demise.

For ZYNGA, their issues have come home to roost which created this untimely sunset for Yoville.  However, only time will tell, as hope has been given to Yovillians by Greg Thomson and we anxiously await a beautiful sunrise with the news we long for.

Before I sign off, I know some of you including myself have been wondering about a few things if and when Big Viking Game does acquire Yoville.

  1. Will we be using the same coin system?
  2. Will everything be reset back to zero for coins and YoCash?
  3. Will we get events back?

Perhaps Greg will see this and maybe he could give us a head’s up on how that would play out…never know, right?

Your thoughts are always welcome… Sammah and I await them ~

Best wishes to you my fellow Yovillians ~

❤ TeddyP I N K RichZVIP ❤

❤ /l
(゚、 。 7 ♥
♥l、 ~ヽ
じしf_, )ノ

Yoville closure by BLISS




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